Our Projects at a glance – Methodological groups:

PET/CT, NIRF, Magentorelaxometry Imaging, Radionuclear Therapy:
PhD1 (Towards novel hybrid Imaging probes by chelator scaffolding)
PhD5 (Improvement of optical image quality by wavfront shaping)
PhD7 (Multimodal magnetorelaxometry imaging of magnetic nanoparticles (MNP))
PhD 11 (Exploration of novel receptor-specific imaging and therapeutic intervention in patients with advanced neuroendocrine tumours)

MRI, MRS, CT, Deep learning, AI, affine transformations etc.
PhD2 (Advanced fusion of 31P MRS and 1H MRI images and automatic brain tumor differentiation)
PhD3 (CT/MR image fusion and automatic parameters estimation for TAVI procedure)
PhD4 (Deep learning analysis of vascular imaging biomarker in vascular diseases)
PhD10 (Fast, non-rigid image fusion using deep learning for treatment evaluation after thermal ablation)
PhD 13 (Deep learning-based strategy for scar pattern recognition on late gadolinium enhancement cardiac MRI)
PhD 14 (Feature supported deep learning for image guided diagnosis)
PhD 15 (Multinuclear 23Na and 1H quantitative MRI in brain tumors and metastases)

CT, automatization, fusion, 3D reconstruction, deep learning
PhD6 (Automatic/Semiautomatic trajectory planning for multi-probe stereotactic thermal ablation of liver tumors)
PhD8 (Augmenting microscopic navigated surgery with knowledge)
PhD9 (Stereoscopic X-ray, 3D surface imaging and cone beam CT for IGRT/SRS – cross modality evaluation)
PhD 12 (Machine Learning for ENT Oncology)