DOC 110 Image-guided Diagnosis and Therapy (IGDT): Integrating multimodal strategies for clinical research)

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The newly designed, internationally oriented DocFunds programme “image guided diagnosis and therapy (IGDT) – integrating multimodal strategies for clinical research” qualifies young scientists with both medical and basic science background in the highly interdisciplinary and rapidly evolving field of digital medical imaging and image guided therapies. The multi- and interdisciplinary research programme integrates innovative aspects in applied mathematics, biomedical physics, computer science, clinical imaging and therapy. The programme combines training in basic science, translational and clinical science. The already existing PhD programme (Image-guided Diagnosis and Therapy (i-med.ac.at) provides a solid basis for the new programme.

The planned PhD projects are designed to improve image guided diagnosis and therapies and, therefore, patient care. The curriculum offers lectures and courses in basic and medical sciences in order to improve the mutual understanding of medical and basic scientists. Each PhD student is, therefore, supervised by a medical and a basic scientist. Scientists with a background in medical and basic sciences are in high demand, because innovative imaging and interventional procedures are increasingly important. This programme supports the education of next-generation scientists with excellent career opportunities in science, patient care and industry.
It is a joint initiative of the Medical University Innsbruck (MUI), the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck (LFUI) and the „Private Universität für Medizinische Informatik und Technik“ (UMIT).

Coordinator: Elke R. Gizewski (Department Radiologie – Wissenschaft – Forschung (tirol-kliniken.at)) Deputy Coordinator: Clemens Decristoforo (Clemens Decristoforo (i-med.ac.at))