Application & Forms


Three major universities located in Innsbruck, Austria (Medical University of Innsbruck MUI, University of Innsbruck LFUI, Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology UMIT) jointly established this new, FWF-funded doctoral program in 2021.


* Application form (completed) submitted to (ore use aconet filesender if necessary) .
* A university degree that would formally qualify you to enter our PhD program (which you already hold or expect receiving in the near future), i.e. an MD degree or a MSc degree (e.g. applied mathematics, computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Radiopharmacy, Engineering) or equivalent. The final acceptance to the PhD programme is subject to eligibility-check by the respective university.
* Research experience in a relevant scientific area (at least 6 months).
* Contact details of two referees, at least one of them should have supervised you in a research project.
* A high level of both spoken and written English (if available include the test score?)
Applicants that do not hold an MD or MSc degree or equivalent from a European University must provide Grade Point Average (GPA) scores, those with a European degree are asked to provide a GPA. Please provide information on your achieved grades, as well as a brief explanation of the applicable grading system.

Please provide:
1) your personal information in the form
2) information regarding your education
3) information regarding research experience (e.g. Master-Thesis related).
4) name 2 persons who can provide a reference.
5) description of your research Interests:
Please provide information about the two PhD projects in IGDT that are most interesting to you. Write a short and concise scientific reasoning why these projects are most interesting and how you would address the research questions (max. 200 words / project)
6) additional documents:
Please provide a copy of your Diplomas / Certificates, transcript of grades, your CV and a motivation letter

The applications will be reviewed by the IGDT ART faculty, and some applicants will be selected invited to Innsbruck or to video conference for the interviews.
Short general introduction to the program, campus, and research groups, chalk talk presentation of the master thesis, panel interview with faculty.
After faculty rating and discussion, successful candidates will be offered a position.

Low tuition fees may have to be paid, depending on EU/EEA citizenship status.
In general, it is possible to apply to be exempted from these fees. Moreover,
EU/EEA members are exempt for the first four years. You can find more information